There are a few fantastic sanctuaries where the elephants have really been rescued...

  • They no longer give rides or performances
  • There are no bull-hooks or chains
  • The elephants choose their own social groups
  • The babies are not separated from their mothers
  • The elephants roam free the most of day - just being elephants.

You can do day trips or volunteers at these places, and your money gets put back into care of the elephants.

There are also many places where they are slowly making small changes, for example, 'saddle off' or more free time roaming, which is all great to see and they should also be supported and encouraged.

If tourists avoid harsh camps and visit these sanctuaries or camps the are making positive changes, then we WILL see more camps adopting this elephant-friendly model ! Its already slowly happening, we must continue to spread awareness.

  • Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai
  • Wildlife Friends Foundation - Petchaburi
  • Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary - Sukhothai
  • Burm & Emilys Elephant Sanctuary - Mae Chaem
  • Cambodia
  • Elephant Valley Project - Mondukiri
  • Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mondulkiri Project - Mondulkiri
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